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I knew she'd be mine from the first moment I saw her tending bar in the fighting pits I own with my brothers. Mer. Sexy Latina with a punch almost as mean as mine and a mouth even meaner. I'm willing to fight for her, but she might need more than that when the cartel hires a Russian mercenary who hungers for her. Because she's mine and fighting won't be enough to save her. She'll need me to kill.


I've been fighting against my father and the cartel that backs him my whole life. But when the cartel hires one of the Russian mafia's killers, I'm not going to be able to take him on myself. But I'm starting to fall for the brother who owns these pits, and am starting to think maybe that he could...but will he when all I have to give is my trust in exchange? 


The Hunting Town is an interracial romantic thriller featuring hunky alphas, tough as nails heroines, fast-paced action and a diverse cast in a small town setting. This book has multiple POVs woven together and HEAs for two of the brothers. Graphic sex, dark themes, and some violent elements will not make this book suitable for young readers. 


What folks are saying about The Hunting Town...


4.7/5 stars on Amazon – "Alpha males, violence, intriguing plot lines and well written. Need I say more?" "Get ready for the ride of your life" "I devoured the (large) novel in two days" "Bloody and beautiful" "5 stars! New favorite series!" "It consumed me, kept me on my toes, had me swooning and loving all of the characters: Knox, Pulmeria, Aiden, Sara and my favorite, Dixon!" "Loved it!" "You will cringe, feel heartache and route for those sexy foster brothers" "A Hunting good time" "Holy sh..."

The Hunting Town: An Interracial Romantic Suspense

  • The Hunting Town in paperback is available anywhere books are sold online, as well as in select brick and mortar bookshops around the US. 


    Order The Hunting Town online: 
    Amazon (including FR, DE, UK, and others)


    Find The Hunting Town in bookstores: 
    Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA – buy online from Elliott Bay here
    Park Postal in Seattle, WA
    Little Free Libraries around Seattle, WA


    You can also find The Hunting Town ebook on Amazon (US, FR, DE, UK, and others) *free for those with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions

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