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Dark Fantasy Romance

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Alien Monster Romance

Taken to Voraxia cover.jpg
Taken to Nobu v2.jpg
Exiled from Nobu v2.jpeg
Taken to Sasor v2.jpg
Taken to Heimo.jpg
Taken to Kor.jpg
Taken to Lemora.jpeg
Taken by the Pikosa Warlord.jpeg
Taken to Evernor v3.jpeg
Taken to Sky.jpeg
Taken to Revatu.jpeg
Xiveri Mates Collection One v2.jpeg
Xiveri Mates Collection Two.jpeg
Xiveri Mates Collection Three.jpeg

Mafia Romance

The Hunting Town.jpg
The Hunted Rise.jpg
French books
French language books
Voraxia francais_kindle.jpeg
Taken to Nobu french.jpeg
Taken to Sasor french.jpeg
Taken to Heimo french.jpeg
Taken to Kor french.jpeg
Taken to Lemora french.jpeg
Taken by the Pikosa Warlord french v3.jpeg
Taken to Evernor french.jpg
Taken to Sky french.jpg
Taken to Revatu french.jpg

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