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Dark City Omega

I could not be more excited to introduce you to my newest dark fantasy romance full of unforeseen twists, epic battles, omegas with magic and monsters who always get the girl.


Beasts of Gatamora is a five book series of interconnected standalone MF romances filled with magic and prophecies, quests and the most epic of villains – not to mention its fair share of nesting and knotting. Book 1 kicks off with Dark City Omega, which releases on September 30th in ebook but is available now for early preorder in paperback and hardcover in discreet or illustrated editions. 


The first 50 print book preorders will receive a signed copy of Dark City Omega + DCO SWAG pack featuring character cards and a map of Gatamora designed by Lu Trenorio and more! 


Books ship internationally. Preorders only open until September 1st for mid-September arrival.

When Omegas run away, the beasts of Gatamora come out to play...


Echo knew that being caught by a ruling Berserker would mean becoming his pawn, a play thing to be used for her powers. That wouldn’t be her fate.


She’d rather run lost through the woods forever, dangerous though they may be.


But there’s something even more sinister than beasts and Berserkers lurking in the woods. Something both undead and deadly.


She can’t fight it alone. She’ll have to turn to the Berserker who’s caught the trail of her scent and won’t let it go. He says she’s his. She says never. He says forever.


Bones, bonds and hearts will be broken. Some battles can’t be won.


Run, Omega, run.

TWs: this is a high heat, high intensity, action-packed saga between an Omega with no interest in being claimed and a Berserker shifter who wants to claim her. There is rough sexual play and unwilling captivity by the MMC to the FMC (he chains her up) as well as gore-filled battles. There is no cheating, sharing, OW, menage, or cliffhangers.

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the covers


Designed by Regina Wamba. Character illustrations and artwork by Lu Trenorio.

Visit their work at and on instagram at @lhunatica.

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