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Beasts of Gatamora

I could not be more excited to introduce you to my dark fantasy romance series full of unforeseen twists, epic battles, omegas with magic and monsters who always get the girl.


Beasts of Gatamora is a five book series of interconnected standalone MF romances filled with magic and prophecies, quests and the most epic of villains – not to mention its fair share of nesting and knotting. Book 1 kicked off with Dark City Omega, which released in the top 10 in its categories and top 460 in the kindle store. 

Ebooks can be purchased on Amazon and are part of KU, while paperbacks, hardcovers and audiobooks can be found anywhere online books are sold.


You can also order signed print books from me directly at the shop links below! 

Welcome to Gatamora

Dark City Omega

When Omegas run away, the beasts of Gatamora come out to play...


Echo knew that being caught by a ruling Berserker would mean becoming his pawn, a play thing to be used for her powers. That wouldn’t be her fate.


She’d rather run lost through the woods forever, dangerous though they may be.


But there’s something even more sinister than beasts and Berserkers lurking in the woods. Something both undead and deadly.


She can’t fight it alone. She’ll have to turn to the Berserker who’s caught the trail of her scent and won’t let it go. He says she’s his. She says never. He says forever.


Bones, bonds and hearts will be broken. Some battles can’t be won.


Run, Omega, run.

TWs: this is a high heat, high intensity, action-packed saga between an Omega with no interest in being claimed and a Berserker shifter who wants to claim her. There is rough sexual play and unwilling captivity by the MMC to the FMC (he chains her up) as well as gore-filled battles. There is no cheating, sharing, OW, menage, or cliffhangers.

EchoAdam Ioana Muresan.jpeg

Travel to the South Island

Shadowlands Omega

The world is changing. Gatamora is getting darker. Something is coming.

After burning her church to the ground and throwing her family into the castle dungeons for their treason, Kiandah did not expect to be spared by Lord Yaron, the Berserker Lord who once vowed — and tried — to kill her.


But as Gatamora’s newest ascended omega, and a traitor besides, Yaron finds that Kiandah may be best placed to help him root out the source of the danger encroaching on his territory in the south island. Rumblings of a sinister sort have reached him…rumors of the undead and witches…


The only trouble will be keeping his distance. Shadow Lords do not take ladies, least of all peasants and criminals like Kiandah. But as her power over flame continues to grow stronger and the threat of the undead draws ever nearer, Yaron may have to choose — to succumb to her heat and save Gatamora together, or let it all burn.


Burn Omega, burn.

TWs: attempted SA (not by MMC, but stopped by MMC); graphic violence, blood and battles including scenes in which the MMC holds the FMC's family captive, whips a shop owner, tortures an attempted rapist and a scene in which the MMC is willingly whipped severely; high heat including a rough rut that leaves the FMC injured, and blood, spit and fully shifted play

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Cover design by Regina Wamba

Cover illustrations and artwork by Lu Trenorio @lhunatica

Artwork for vellum inserts by Kiara Jones @jonesyoriginals

Artwork for art prints by Ioana Muresan @ioanamuresanart

Artwork and preorder books printed by Girlie Press @girliepress

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