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The brothers are stuck between the cartel and the mafia. They call me brother too, but I’m not one of them. I am nothing but a shell, a carcass without a soul, a killer, and I've got the Russians in my sights. What I don't expect is for one of them to stop me with a look. Alina Popov, princess of the Russian mafia and the first person I've met since I was a child to make my cold blood burn. She is perfection with a face. I will never be good enough for her, but I’m good enough to kill for her.


He frightens the others. He should frighten me. But the last thing my brother told me before he was taken was to trust the killer because, for whatever reason, he has vowed to keep me safe. And I may survive, but holed up in this house with these strange brothers I do not live. I need out. I need freedom. I will run if Aiden cannot give me these things and if I do, I will put us all at risk.


The Hunted Rise is an interracial romantic suspense featuring hunky alphas, tough as nails heroines, fast-paced action, steamy romance, and a diverse cast in a small town setting with a mafia twist. This book has multiple POVs and an HEA for two more brothers, but should be read following part one, The Hunting Town.


What folks are saying about The Hunted Rise...


4.7/5 stars on Amazon – "Hoo boy. Panties. Melted." "This book is so hot. So layered and so deep...dark...sometimes hilarious." "There is a shi$$torm and this book explodes..." "These damaged men love their women so fiercely and unconditionally." "These women will battle for their men..." "Sucked in from start to finish!" "This is a 6 star book."

The Hunted Rise: An Interracial Romantic Suspense

  • You can find The Hunted Rise paperback anywhere books are sold online, including Amazon (including FR, DE, UK, and others) and Barnes&Noble

    Or you can find The Hunted Rise ebook on Amazon (US, FR, DE, UK, and others) *free for those with Kindle Unlimited subscription


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