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Scratch & Dent copy of Taken to Sasor! The only imperfection is that the book is already signed and personalized to the wrong person.


He came, he shifted and then he

Hiding is the only option against the barbarian horde of Sasor that comes to destroy our village. Hiding...doesn't work. Their leader, a beast of a male capable of shifting into a monster with claws for hands and fangs for teeth, finds me and takes me captive.

But he's...not what I expected – and not just because he's a complete scoundrel and a fool. He's made it clear he won't join with me, but blocks any chances I have of finding a mate, keeping me at his side.

And then, when another rival horde comes to steal me away, he surprises me again by coming for me, this time as a monster of a different kind. One of legend. One never seen on Sasor's soil. One that's mine.

Taken to Sasor Hardcover

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