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I can see his scars, but he thinks all I can see are his scars. I see more. The fighter, the sword, the shield and I'm convinced that the only monstrous thing about him is the way he watches me. Like I'm something to be devoured.


Surviving the brutality of Population wasn't on Diego's f***ing bucket list. But when a merry band of scavengers peels him off of the side of the road, patches him up and insists he join their mixed human-Other community, he's got no choice.


Well, he had a choice, but that was before he followed the prettiest d**n human he's ever seen into the woods, fought her and...lost. Because when she gives him the choice of hurting her, hunting her or helping her, he finds it inexplicably difficult to do the first two, even though that's all Population ever taught him.


Gangs are after her and, out here in the ruins, there are no guardian angels. So he’ll help her. He’ll be her guardian monster. In Population, all monsters are born with claws.


I'm going to free him from his demons. I just have to escape the demons who want to use me for their ritual sacrifice, first.



Monster in the Oasis was previously published as Generation One. All content therein remains the same.


Monster in the Oasis is book two in the Population series and picks up directly where Lord of Population left off. It features a new couple with their own HEA, but is best enjoyed after book one. Expect a dark romance with medium-high heat levels that will not be suitable for young or sensitive readers. Please check TWs and CWs in the opening pages as many characters in this universe have experienced SA (not depicted) and battle scenes tend to be gory.

Monster in the Oasis Hardcover

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