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Dark and action-packed, Lord of Population is a steamy, end of days romance ripe with unexpected twists and epic battles, perfect for fans of JR Ward or Laura Thalassa.


She thinks she can steal from me, the little human. Adorable. I can't decide what will be more fun – the hunt, or what I will do to her when I catch her. And I will catch her. There is nowhere she can run.


Abel was of perfectly sound body and mind when she looted the Other's corpse. He looked dead. Wait. Did he just smirk up at her? No. Definitely not...


Hiding out in an abandoned townhouse, Abel doesn't expect to hear that same bloodsucking alien come knocking on her door or that, when trouble finds them, he might stand at her back, rather than stab her through it.


But when he offers to help her cross the ruined world of Population, Abel knows better than to believe him. Because when he looks at her, it's with a hunger that seems to go beyond the taste of her blood and, when he asks for payment, he requires the one thing she can't give up.


Her trust.


Run all you like, little human. The sword you carry won't be enough to stop me from coming for you. You're mine. Blood. Body. Heart.



Lord of Population is a relaunched and combined edition of Population and Saltlands, by the same author. The content therein remains the same.


Lord of Population ends with an HEA (NO cliffhanger) and features a rebellious human heroine of color and an inhuman hero with fangs. This is a dark romance with medium-high heat levels and will not be suitable for young or sensitive readers. Additional TWs can be found in the first pages visible in the preview.

Lord of Population Paperback

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