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What's coming up in 2023

Aliens. Assassins. Monsters. Shifters. Strong lady leads. Dominate Alphas. New worlds. New happily ever afters. HEAT & Magic.

Brace yourself.

Dark City Omega (Beasts of Gatamora 1)
Dark City Omega.png

I could not be more excited to introduce you to my newest dark fantasy world. Featuring one determined Omega and the haughty Berserker hell-bent on claiming her, this book's got magic and prophecies, quests and the most epic of villains – not to mention its fair share of nesting and knotting. 

Currently up for consideration by editors at Fantasy houses, the preorder date has been pushed back to accommodate potential opportunities.

Other anticipated 2023 releases
Population Book 4 (Constanzia and Tanen)
- Summer/Fall 2023 -

Shadowlands Omega (Beasts of Gatamora 2)
- Winter 2023 -
Already released in 2023
Xiveri Mates Special and Naughty editions
- April 2023 -

Taken to Sky, Xiveri Mates 9
- March 23, 2023 -

Taken to Revatu, Xiveri Mates 10
- March 23, 2023 -

Exiled from Nobu, Xiveri Mates 2.5

- March 23, 2023 -

et pour mes lecteurs francophone...

Le reste de la série < Passion Xiveri > sortira au début de 2023. Pour plus d'informations, visitez mon site Web en français en utilisant le menu des langues. 

Prefered Languge:
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