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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Stephens has been living in a fantasy world since she was 11, and in 2015 finally translated her imagination to print! An author of romantic suspense and science fiction, she is a big fan of inclusion and her books always include kick ass ladies of color.

When she isn't found writing, you'll also see her getting her hands dirty by throwing pottery, or working as a communications consultant for privacy and human rights organizations. With origins in Seattle, Atlanta, and Bamako, she currently lives in Berlin with her loving husband and doggo, King Louis. 

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Book Reviews

The world building is incredible. Everyone that came on page was memorable. Even the bad guys made me care. Sci-fi is such a tough genre, but when it’s done well it is unforgettable. This book is unforgettable.

Taken to Voraxia review by Author Tiya Rayne

 Filled with action, unusual creatures and planets, spicy romance, vivid world-building, richly developed characters, and themes of female empowerment, this is everything I love in a romance novel.

Taken to Voraxia review by One Book More Reviews

This series is so addicting and riveting and I loved everything about it. It is full of suspense, twists and turns you don’t see coming and new characters POVs that had me sucked in from start to finish. 

What did I like? Every f*cking thing imaginable. I can't even. Like. I liked Population but I LOVE Saltlands. I'm just. Yall. I can't. Being out in Population is as close to being in hell as you can get.

Saltlands review by the Urban Paranormal Blog


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