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"Get ready for the ride of your life" "Bloody and beautiful" "5 stars! New favorite series!" "WOW" "Alpha males, violence, intriguing plot lines and well written. Need I say more?" "A Hunting good time" "Loved it!" "Holy sh..." 4.7/5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads


The Hunting Town is a romantic thriller featuring hunky alphas, tough as nails heroines, fast-paced action and a diverse cast in a small town setting. Some violent elements will not make this book suitable for young readers. To find out more, continue reading...


Drugs, cartels, the mafia. Pain, greed, and revenge. These are what Plumeria brought with her when she took a new job tending bar in the fighting pits outside of town – fighting pits owned by five men, known as the Brothers. Brought together by the foster system, Knox wouldn't have put anything before his other brothers – not even his own life – until he met Mer. But when her life is put at risk, he intervenes, dragging his entire family into her world.


With new alliances built while others are broken, it will take more than a survival instinct to survive The Hunting Town: the town of mischief, mayhem, and murder.

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