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Scratch & Dent copy of Taken to Revatu! The only imperfection is the proof banner on the cover; the interior is completely up to date.


He’s got claws, tusks, a tail and…is he also breathing fire? Oh my.

Crash-landed on an alien planet where everything seems to want to kill her, I've got no choice but to rely on the hunter, Grizz, to help me stay alive, steer clear of the awful male I crashed with and find my family missing somewhere on the island.

Huge, green-skinned, with a tail, tusks and claws, Grizz seems so hot and cold. Could it be cultural differences? Why else would he be so reluctant to help me? Or…

…could it be that I've unlocked a fire-breathing monster within him that wants me, not just once, but to keep?

Eh. Seems unlikely.

Taken to Revatu Paperback Proof

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