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Scratch & Dent special edition copy of Taken to Nobu! The only imperfection is the tiny smudge of glue on the front page.


My aim is to kill him. His aim? Make me his.

I'm trapped on a harsh, snow-covered planet waiting to be hunted, with no way of escape. I know that the alien warrior chief with purple skin and a cutting tail is coming for me, but I've got no intention of letting him take me.

I'll fight him with hands and fists, knives and teeth. I'll fight the rising heat between us. I'll fight the ache in my chest where an empty hole beats, serving as a painful reminder that once, before his kind took from me, I had a heart.

It’s a heart that the warrior thinks is his.

And unfortunately, he's unafraid to fight for what he wants.

Taken to Nobu Special Edition Hardcover

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