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Continue the saga in book two of the Population series...


Abel and Mikey are trapped and Kane is taken. The struggle for survival has never been more strained as Mikey and Abel fight to escape their submerged prison cell, cross the apocalyptic landscape known as Population, and find Kane.


Tensions between the two keep their odds of survival bleak as they face off against the obstacles that Population places before them. Rogue Others, starvation, savage scavengers, gangs.


With over 200 miles to trek, Mikey will have to learn how to trust and Abel, how to hope again as their journey across Population takes them through even more dangerous territory and into the Saltlands.


Saltlands is full-length post-apocalyptic science fiction novel set in the Pacific Northwest. It features an HEA, interracial romance and a diverse cast with nail biting action and a few (heaping) spoonfulls of violence. 

Saltlands - ebook

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