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Grab all the fun stuff exclusive to this kickstarter without the books (because, come on, let's face it, you already have your own :P ) With the deluxe SWAG pack, you'll get: 


  • 10 signed bookplate stickers, one for each of the 9 books and Taken to Revatu
  • 11 SFW holographic art prints
  • 11 NSFW vellum inserts
  • 11 NSFW art cards
  • 11 chibi stickers
  • 3 “lost letters” — letters written from characters to one another that contain some nuggets and spoilers
  • 1 Taken to Sasor square cardstock art print
  • 1 rose foil Exiled from Nobu bookmark
  • 1 Taken to Nobu Kiki keychain

Deluxe SWAG pack

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