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Get it all! Every book and piece of SWAG created for the kickstarter can be found in the deluxe hardcover SWAG box. The same box is also available for paperback books, except, that box will not include Exiled from Nobu as a separate book. This is the only option to get all 11 books with all of their corresponding artwork. In the deluxe hardcover box, you'll find: 


  • 11 hardcover books
  • 1 Xiveri Mates Pocket Dictionary
  • 11 SFW holographic art prints
  • 11 NSFW vellum inserts
  • 11 NSFW art cards
  • 11 chibi stickers
  • 3 “lost letters” — letters written from characters to one another that contain some nuggets and spoilers
  • 1 Taken to Sasor square cardstock art print
  • 1 rose foil Exiled from Nobu bookmark
  • 1 Taken to Nobu Kiki keychain
  • 1 Taken to Kor tote bag

Deluxe Hardcover Box

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