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Drugs in a bag in a box. Hunters hunting. The hunted waiting.


Alina Popov remains under the prison of Aiden's protection. He keeps her safe though equally, keeps his distance. Alina doesn't trust him and will run if he cannot breach the distance between them. But where can she go with the Russian mafia so eager to find her? She is alone and her brothers are both gone, likely dead, but she will do whatever she has to to return to her normal life. Otherwise, she may as well have died with them.


He isn't dead but sometimes, he wishes he were. Holed up in a dilapidated building deep in cartel territory, Gavriil Popov has few alliances left in the Russian mob. His greatest resource may be a nosy true-crime author with wild hair and a body made for worshipping. He wonders if he'll be able to use her for information - and if she isn't using him for information. But when she's caught in the crossfire, he'll either have to leave her to be sold or step out of the shadows and take his rightful place as king of the Bratva.


With worlds shattering upon impact, the mafia continue their search for persons and things of value in the Brothers' possession. The only shot for the hunted to stay alive is to rise and when they do, to rise together.


The Hunting Town is an interracial romantic suspense featuring hunky alphas, tough as nails heroines, fast-paced action, steamy romance, and a diverse cast in a small town setting with a mafia twist. This book has multiple POVs and an HEA for two more brothers, but should be read following part one, The Hunting Town. Continue reading for a sneak peek!





“Alina.” I bang on the door. “Let me in.”


There’s no answer.


“You’re going to have to eat.” I keep myself from cursing. It isn’t easy. I want to tear through the wood and hurl myself at the girl with every intention of violence, but I know what will happen when she does open the door and I do see her – the same thing that happens every time: I fall the fuck apart.


“Alina, open the door. You will eat.” Statements don’t work, neither do threats, so I try pleas. “Goddammit, Alina. Do you want to die? I told your brother I’d keep you safe.” Then coercion. “I’ll take you shopping, alright? Just eat something. Alasha delivery will be here in half an hour. Sara says to try to eat bread or soup beforehand so your stomach doesn’t hurt. Alina? Alina.”


She still hasn’t said anything and I’m hot. The hallway is shrinking around me and I can hear other people in the house, but they don’t come into the hall. They’ve learned from their past mistakes, which is a fucking pity because I could use someone right about now to be my punching bag.


“Alina! Open the door, or I will.” My hand closes around the knob and twists. Bloody hell. It’s unlocked. My mouth dries up. Sweat beads along the back of my shaved head. I lick my lips and step inside her room without her permission.


The bed is empty. The bathroom is empty. She’s not hiding in the closets or beneath any of the furniture. But the window in the bathroom – barely bigger than an air vent – is open. I reach for my phone and pull up the security app Clifton had installed on all of our devices, hoping that it will prove something that my eyes cannot. But no, there’s a blinking red notification from seven minutes ago – left unread – telling me that someone exited the house. Alina is gone. My blood turns to slush and for a moment, the world ceases to turn.

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