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Scratch & Dent copy of Taken to Voraxia! The top of the front cover is a little smushed, but that's the only imperfection.


Dark, diverse and scorching hot, Taken to Voraxia is an unforgettable experience spanning quadrants and cosmos. Perfect for fans of dark fantasy, scifi and monster romance, don't wait another solar – start your next series addiction today.

The Voraxian king has come again and this time, he's come for me.

I've got no desire to be claimed by the alien king. Blue skin, seven feet and strapped with muscle, I've seen what his kind does to humans. And I don't care that he watches me with hunger.

I'm a hybrid and an inventor and I know that I can engineer my way out of this one. Even though our human colony is a scary, desperate place, I'm willing to meet it head on if it means escape.

So I run...

...I don't expect him to give chase.

Taken to Voraxia Paperback

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