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Scratch & Dent copy of Taken to Evernor with all the book's Kickstarter swag! There's no imperfections, this is just the last copy I have!


The alien gladiator is going to win...and I'm the prize.

What's got four arms, huge spikes shooting out of his spine, and is utterly insane? Oh yeah, that's right. It's the freaking alien gladiator who's fighting in the games – for me – because I'm the prize he's geared to win.

How I ended up here is just as much of a mystery as is how I lost my memory. I've got no idea who I am, where I'm from, or why no other species on this diverse and chaotic planet look anything like me.

But as the gladiator and I spend more time together, I'm starting to realize...yeah, he might be crazy, but so am I. And we may just need to put our crazies together if we've got any shot at getting off of this rock and out of this arena alive.

Taken to Evernor with Kickstarter Swag

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