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He's the oldest of his kind. Terrifying. I'm human, insignificant, scared and scarred. It shouldn’t be too hard to escape his notice. But wait…why is he walking over here? He…wants to dine with me. No. He must want more…


Justice dealer of the seven regions, Lahve is tasked with maintaining order. His focus should be on that, not on a female who is too young for him by several hundred lifetimes.


She has been scarred by this world and Lahve cannot undo her past. She wants to be left alone, but he cannot do that, either. Because when enemy gangs move to overtake their community, he needs her help to track them into Population and cut them off.


She fears recapture, but how can he make her understand that he is the most powerful creature in this world and he will slaughter any who venture too close? Because she is the only human who has ever made him feel what he’s never felt:




And, if she does not agree to help him hunt down their shared enemies, humanity itself may be lost.


He looks at me like I'm crazy when I show up to dinner with...expectations, because he has expectations, helping him save the world.



Immortal with Scars is book three in the Population series and features a scarred human heroine and a 3000 year old inhuman hero with fangs. This book can be read as a stand alone. Expect a dark romance with medium-high heat levels that will not be suitable for young or sensitive readers. Additional TWs and CWs are visible in the opening pages visible in the preview.

Immortal with Scars Hardcover

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