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Scratch & Dent discreet copy of Dark City Omega! The only imperfection is the wierdly cut pages.


When Omegas run away, the beasts of Gatamora come out to play…


Echo knew that being caught by a ruling Berserker would mean becoming his pawn, a play thing to be used for her powers. That wouldn’t be her fate.


She’d rather run lost through the woods forever, dangerous though they may be.


But there’s something even more sinister than beasts and Berserkers lurking in the woods. Something both undead and deadly.


She can’t fight it alone. She’ll have to turn to the Berserker who’s caught the trail of her scent and won’t let it go. He says she’s his. She says never. He says forever.


Bones, bonds and hearts will be broken. Some battles can’t be won.


Run, Omega, run.

Dark City Omega Hardcover

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